Jessica Cassandra James Pretty But Not To Bright

So Nick this girl Jess is not to bright she just posted about cheaters meanwhile she was cheating on her boyfriend with me. And I went along because I don’t really like Greeks but no way that I’m going to allow her ex to get all the credit for my hard Jess I manipulated you and brain washed u from the beginning all the fake accounts etc. And about the pregnancy test that you took not in a million years will I get you pregnant. I don’t get it why on Gods green earth your ex loved u and from what I hear still does. But that will come to a end I will somehow convince him to have you charged because you were not allowed to contact him but you did see I know about that I read your messages in your phone cheater. All you were was a Covid fck. I will expose you as I have all your apps and conversations and I will post them on line. You really thought that we would ever be in a relationship you make me laugh. Party at once again when I’m horny I’ll convince you wasn’t me because they’re just that stupid and of course he will blame someone else.

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