Sierra Pero — Suk Your D*** For A Bong And A Beer Pero

this girl is the biggest slut out there I mean from Montreal all the way past Toronto, she’s slept with them all!! She sleeps with every girls boyfriend and I mean everyone’s and doesn’t realize it’s cause she’s easy and not cause they want her. She has no friends cause no one likes a pig. She will suck your d1ck for a bear and a bong so for like 4$. Her poor kid has a new dad everyday and not to mention she’s a huge crack head. She puts all her boyfriends in jail when she finds a new victim and OMG want to talk about nasty this girl is a scab from head to toe from picking and she smokes crack not meth!! She thinks she’s a gangster mean while she’s a bucket rat, her mom is a paid informant and she’s not to far off. She steals, she lies and if she don’t get what she wants she will put you in jail. She is lower then dirt and talks and looks like she’s slow or something but I think maybe she’s just inbred. So if you all like half retarded ugly, picked body that looks like a 12 year old boy cheap slut then she’s your girl all you gotta do is bring a beer and your in…..

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