Paccamon Bunsrinak (Bunny) Married Travis Hise To COMMIT MARRIAGE FRAUD

Paccamon Bunsrinak (Bunny) married Travis Hise to commit marriage fraud. Paccamon Bunsrinak (Bunny) is an illegal immigrant from Thailand. She is a manipulative lair that recently married Travis Hise for marriage fraud. The two of them went to Las Vegas, NV on June 29,2019, and got married at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. Paccamon and Travis Hise thought that they could go to Las Vegas and get married file for US citizenship. The problem is that Travis Hise is currently married to his 4th wife in Ca. The marriage is registered as confidential so he thought no one would find out. Paccamon Bunsrinak is Travis Hise’s 5th illegal wife! Paccamon (Bunny) and Travis Hise are scammers that will do anything and everything to get ahead in life. The two of them together is bad news. Paccamon Bunsrinak has been arrested and detained by ICE in the state of Texas with a police record. She has now fled to Ca for hiding. Paccamon and Travis Hise are now living in Orange trying to get his 5th wife legalized. She is scamming the legal system for financial gain. Beware of these two! They are easy to spot. A mail-order bride from Thailand with full sleeve tattoos with a heavy Asian accent and a thinning gray-haired fit white male with crooked teeth. Keep an eye out for their twitches and the inability to stay still. They both fidget and show signs of “abuse.” Travis Hise doesn’t like eye contact, tugs on his shirt sleeves because they are too short and loves sliding his hand in his pants to adjust his private parts in public. Don’t get wrapped up with Paccamon and Travis Hise because the law isn’t too far from catching them and their scams. If you look them up, you will find the truth.

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