Sarah Grunden – Hypocrite Cum Dumpster

Sarah Grunden – Hypocrite Cum Dumpster. She is a nasty person, so to start? Self proclaimed fighter of womens rights who talks about how women should support each other, but then cuts them down any chance she gets and uses screen shots to black mail and shame them. This is because shes jealous of them for having actual relationships. She talks about how she hates men, but then turns around and opens her legs any chance she gets because she knows all she is good for is a quick fuck and nothing more. To add on to all this, she preaches AA, but thinks she is better than everyone with a problem and relapses every year and goes crawling back to her mother with those crocodile tears. If you run into her, RUN AWAY fast, unless you just want an easy lay, if thats the case, just run after, it wont be hard with how “big” she is.

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