Moni Tariq Qadar Tariq Alex Tariq… 3 Names 1 Crack Head

Have you heard of the guy with three names? He goes by Alex Tariq – Moni Tariq – or Qadar Tariq. All the same crack head but needed 3 different names To try to hide his true identity of being a COMPLETE WANNA BE BALLER! He rides around in all his exes cars and doesn’t have a single thing to his name except for his 6 year old Mercedes S 550 that’s behind on its payments and gotten re-Poe at least 4 Times! Alex Tariq enjoys paying prostitutes he finds on The corners of E 14th st in his spare time. He has never been STD tested but hooks up with street Hookers he finds in Oakland for $45 a pop. LETS NOT STOP THERE! Let’s not forget about Alex tariqs lifestyle of being a crack head. Ladies and gentleman you can find him at his shop Bayfair Tires or Bay Area tires in the back snorting cocaine and talking about his next “move” that probably will never happen. Rumor has it Alex tariqs new thing is being a trick to girls he doesn’t even know. This man pays for pussy! Not just any pussy, but if you are below a 4 deff will want you! Talk about TOXIC AND MISERABLE. Let’s see a pic of your before and after- had to get a whole new mouth of teeth because of his drug use. Word on the street is he is also gay behind closed doors! Don’t let this mans macho personality fool you! Guy hooked up with one of San Jose’s biggest gay escorts! Qadar Tariq these days is looking for the next way to try and flex for social media, either his fake watches and jewelry to his fake business that’s not even his. ALEX DO THE WORLD A FAVOR AND QUARANTINE YOURSELF FOR LIFE AINT NOBODY TRYING TO GET FOOLED OR FUCKED BY YOUR INFESTED FAKE ASS! YUCK!!!

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