Jesse Donahue — Sugar Daddy Turned Cuckold

Jesse Donahue Sugar Daddy Turned Cuckold. Jesse Donahue always thought he is an Irish mobster, studied at McMaster’s university with below average grades. Thought he would understand personality archetypes and figure this world out. Earns a little under 200000 a year but he thinks he is the top 1 percent of this world. He couldn’t date regularly because he has a heart condition and couldn’t satisfy any girls but then he found a slave girl by the name of Scarlette Rose, real name Bailey, other known names Nicole (stole this name from her best friend’s real name) or Bella Luxe. She is an unwanted child in her home and was left without a father in early age, so she did her best and became a slut. Jesse started giving her his hard earned money because he is a looser. This made Scarlette Rose or Bailey Donahue think she is special. Then they both made a plan, Jesse likes being cuckolded by other men and enjoyed seeing Bailey get fuked. Bailey also likes fuking with old fat white men, muslim men with diapers on head so they both agreed to rob whole vancouver by offering duo sessions. Now they think they will go out of this hobby without anyone noticing them leave.

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