Leanna Verdecanna — Dont Mess With Dis Bish

Leanna Verdecanna — Dont Mess With Dis Bish.Heres a good one for you, a real mob boss! This homewrecker with the worst speech impediment you ever heard, will drive you up a wall. When shes not being a Karen and complaining about everything under the sun, shes either found in the backseat of random bars,(2 so far) -or harassing people she doesnt know over the internet being a massive troll, she not only exposes her own family, “The blacksheep”she calls herself , but shes actually a mother of a little boy who sits and watches thier mom online all day screaming and cussing out strangers, she attacks former addicts, physicaly disabled people, African Americans, and brags about how rich she is. Everyone in her neighborhood and family, schools, want nothing to do with this young lady- and thats a stretch. She doesnt take criticism well, and takes a tantrum to search into peoples private lives, pays money to search peoples work, address, and give the information to public websites with need to “expose” them. She dont pay any attention to her small child, her husband, just stays on the internet all day, being cuberbully & troll mom. Stay far far away from this bucktooth wannabe mafia wife on a hate train towards life and the entire world. Shes so mad at the internet shes on it everyday 8-16 hours, complaining,cussing and screaming in front of her kid, who sees it all. Need references? Make a line up of the family, NO ONE will talk to Leanna, she freaks out like shes escaping a white padded room.

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