Indecent Oksana Yunko!

Indecent Oksana Yunko! Indecent Oksana Yunko comes off as such a sweet kind woman. In reality she’s a cold hearted b*tch who had no problem sleeping with my husband to try to get ahead in her aesthetic business. She didn’t care that we had young children . All she saw was opportunity. She smiled in my face knowing what she was doing behind my back . My family would often go to her for aesthetic services and she pretended to be so caring and even talked about her “boyfriend”. She was RUTHLESS. My husband told me the truth and she continued to lie and deny. Pathetic. She didn’t care the pain and destruction she caused me and my children . Oksana has NO morals. If she sees a chance to get ahead in life financially , she will go after your husband. Beware!

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