Emily Gula — Talentless “Image Model” Available For Hire On Any Trip She Can’t Afford

This is Emily Gula, based in NYC but often in Mexico because that’s the only place where she can get any real modelling work, or often found on paid “image trips” around the globe. A large part of Emily’s “career” consists of getting paid to go on trips with wealthier men (whom she has yet to meet in most cases but she doesn’t even care) to places she cannot afford. It’s no surprise her “career” has resorted to this given the obvious problems with her face and 5’6”ish height. It’s actually refreshing that someone like this is delusional enough to think, at age 27 no less, that she has a career in modelling (or any career at all given that she is genuinely one of the thickest people around). Emily, if you are reading this, you should consider a career in soft core pornography as the majority of the photos that you take in relation to your job resemble that. It’s remarkable the lengths Emily will go for a free trip. Anything to instagram some photos of a sunset and talk about gratitude, while having her entire existence funded by wealthy, shadier men. On the weekend in March when POTUS shut down American borders to arrivals from Europe and pretty much the entire world shut down because of COVID, this girl (with a bunch of notorious promoters in NYC and London, and trashy club girl types openly talking about cocaine use) flew out to St. Maarten for an “image job” at a music festival, staying up till 6am partying. When people were dying and the whole world was urged to stay inside. She’s poor but her social media would show her in luxurious resorts in Mexico, Aspen, Mykonos…. all paid for by someone else. Emily, you should really consider tagging the sponsors to thank them. You’re not fooling anyone. She’s so thick she openly follows “image modelling jobs” accounts on Instagram (not to mention a bunch of rich Arab men and Rich Kids of Instagram-type accounts). Dangle a chance to pose on a yacht in front of her and she’ll be there. Genuinely one of the saddest trashiest girls out there, disguising her trashy lifestyle behind a bunch of pictures of the beach and posts about gratitude. Given that her father was sued a bunch of times for shady practices and even made the news for beating his spouse, it’s not surprising that she has turned out to be so screwed up. Watch out for this gold-digging, loose woman, NYC.

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