Bob Marier — Narcissist

Bob Marier Narcissist. Bob Marier‘s AKA @sober_coach is an interventionist with no moral ethics who chases the young vulnerable women trying to get sober. Instagram, AA, CA (or even his clients) no-one is off bounds to this selfish narcissist who is only interested in serving his own selfish needs. Bob Marier is a true creep. Bob Marier has countless criminal offence aquitals because his brother in law is a good lawyer who always bails out. A proverbial wolf in sheeps clothing this man is full of bad intensions. Bob Marier buys instagram followers to feed his ego. He is a 55 year old insecure man child who needs constant validation and cannot take any critisism of any sort without losing his temper. He brags about his success every chance he gets and name drops rich and famous people to feel important. He even brags about his ex father in-law being worth $100M geee wonder why he married his ex wife!? Unless this man has something to gain from you, he will discard you like a used Kleenex! Don’t believe his big smiles and charming personality, it is false: he is a very unhappy insecure man with serious mental and emotional issues who is incapable of being in a healthy loving relationship because he has never worked on himself. He is materialist and a phoney and doesn’t practice the 12 steps on himself yet preaches the 12 steps to his clients. Hypocrite. He calls out other men for going after the new women in recovery yet he does the exact same thing. Bob Marier can takes no accountability for any of his wrongful actions and never apologizes to anyone he has hurt on his path of emotional destruction. Brags about living the high life in Miami but own a sh1tty studio condo, not a baller by any means… Photoshops all this instagram photos to hid his aging face. Has a dad bob because he eats like garbage, drinks diet pepsis all day and doesn’t workout. Bob Marier has the biggest mouth and shares all his clients private information to other, no client confidentiality there. Bob Marier has traded his drug addiction for a money addiction, he is living in a state of addiction and is spiritually broken and is a danger to anyone who gets close to him on an emotional level. His last girlfriend relapsed and almost killed herself because he is an emotional manipulator.

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