Maureen Bornilla — Warning To All Men Dealing With Her. Run For Your Life From This Demonic Narcissist

Hello, if youre dealing with Maureen (0bsidianbutterfly , mvureenarose , mvureena , yosoymaureena on instagram currently) youre probably here because youre frustrated and in utter confusion. trust your gut instinct and run for you life. she is a narcissist with other cluster B personality disorders who lures you in, flatters you and then goes to work on you to destroy your life. she feeds off your suffering and attention you give her. i was dealing with her(picked her up from instagram) from 2018 summer to 2020. she asked me a few times to be her bf but knowing something is terribly wrong with her, i declined and never went for her. i have proof of it all. i tried cutting her off and walked away many times to her breaking the no contact rule to apologize and make false promises to offering me sex and everything in between only to get lied to constantly. i know youre here reading this cause you got lied to(about everything important to you about herself), realized shes fake, gaslights non stop, deflects, impossible to keep accountable, projects, non stop shady behaviours, and smear campaign of all who know how she really is ect. right after the love bombs when she first meets you. shell laugh at everything you say overdramatically, tells you she had dreams about you or that you guys are soulmates and she would initiate the sex first or is very easy to have sex with. if you believe in spirits, shes full of dark ones. she is into the occult and new age religion. but will lie about it if she feels youll think negatively about them. shes bitter and angry cause i called her out on her crap(what narcissists hate) and she would say some terrible things all by herself when id be civil and mature confronting her with proof she did something. shell even lie if you have screenshots of her saying a particular thing. i wont say too much as i feel this is enough to protect others and to help yall walk away. there are times i felt bad for her and stuck around when she came back(i never once came back when i walked away) but her finding joy in other ppls suffering just takes all my empathy away. there are others who took her in thinking she was a decent girl, a real friend and got screwed over as well. men and women both do not get along with her. ive never met a single friend of hers in the almost 2 yrs that we talked. she talks about how much ppl admire her but its all lies. her old friend msged me on instagram to warn me and tell her about me. this is how bad things are with her i m just paying it foward because you can really ruin yourlife brining the wrong ppl into your life take care and trust you gut instinct. what you get from her is not worth what youll destroy or sacrifice. unless youre just some internet friend of hers(thats all she seems to have and is glued to her social media all day if you havent noticed already) try looking over at her phone if you chill with her, shell panic and cover it up. try hanging out around her house with her, shell be all paranoid to run into ppl she had history with. its all bad vibes with her. save yourself as i did without taking in too much harm. i m expecting her to msg me again but shes getting the cold shoulder no matter what she says or does

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