Tyler Szymanski — Bully And Illegal Exposing

Tyler Szymanski — Bully And Illegal Exposing. Tyler Szymanski is the most dangerous guy in the world, usually through social media, mostly especially on Facebook. He also managed the group called “Deaf Psycho Vloggers”. He currently have at least 3.5k members. He using their sensitive information as an illegal expose many members which caused so much damages on the members. He also lead this group to use members’ suicides and criminal activities to gain the ratings. There are so many women who having suicide thoughts and even actually committed the suicides because his cyberbullying and threatens, so much more. His group was shut down twice or triple, and they re-created the group again last year and running that group. This group encouraging cyberbullying, assisting in suicides’ as well as many criminal activities. He and his teammates threatened most of members not to report or contact authority if criminal occurred in the group. He also have a long history of breaking into people’s computer and networking, as well as very abusive in all of kinds toward anybody who refuse to comply or see that it is his way. He usually preached people “Got trolled, accept hard” no matter what it is. He is way too dangerous than anyone who is in prison. He carrying more than seven guns of some kinds and will using toward anyone who get in his way. If anyone of who you know, such as loved ones, friends that are in this group. Please get them out of that group before they get slammed and hurt by those evil people. Call authority immediately if you find anything that concerns the law and could put members in harmful way.

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