Penny Archer Or Penelope Archer Addict, Bank Robber Floozy

Penny Archer Or Penelope Archer Addict, Bank Robber Floozy. Penelope Archer has been a floozy for 10+ years, just as long as she’s been doing heroin and living a criminal lifestyle. She went to college for less than a year for psychology but claims to have an advanced degree to humanize herself . She changed her legal name from Paige Ely to try to get away from it but without clients she can’t pay for any more hideous tattoos. She is nice when she gets her way but any deviation and she will go completely insane to dangerous levels. She is extremely jealous of the high end floozy “stealing” her clients and is unable to hold friendships because she becomes obsessed with other women, specifically those charging $1000+ who are prettier and not pushing 35. Any time she gets called out she avoids responsibility by victimizing. The criminal record and name changes don’t lie. She has been kicked out of multiple apartment complexes for hosting orgies and never paying rent despite charging $800 an hour as an floozy. A few weeks of knowing her and everything was smooth but when I asked for a reference request she began extorting me. She was not aware that my wife and I are permanently separated so such threats don’t hold. People like this count on the men being married so they can continue to get away with extortion and blackmail. Out of the thousands of dollars she’s stolen, not to include missing watches reported last year on floozy forums, she should have retired years ago. In 2017 she changed her name and tried to make the transition to p0rn once she was exposed for robbing clients and her bank robbery was made public. Now working at since she can’t get booked as an floozy. They have professional talent on there and she changed her name to dodge the background check.

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