Chrissy Wheaton — Assisted With DPV (Deaf Psycho Vloggers)

Chrissy Wheaton — Assisted With DPV (Deaf Psycho Vloggers). Chrissy Wheaton, a founder of DPV group on Facebook, “Deaf Psycho Vloggers”. She also assisted with Tyler Szymanski in suicidal and cyberbullying. She is aware of all abusive occurred within the group of over 3.5k members. Most of their members been suffered trauma and being bullied, threatened, turning their arms bending until they comply with their rules, not allowed to report to any authority for any cyberbullying, assisting many criminal activities and as well as domestic violence. She also helping Tyler exposed many member’s sensitive information such as background, financial, and much more. You should check in on your friends and loved ones to make sure they are not part of this group and report to authority immediately if their behavior concerns you. Stay away from her, she is evil AF.

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