Miranda Ohare — Sells Herself For Food

Miranda Ohare — Sells Herself For Food. This nasty bi%#% posts naked pics all over Instagram and online, selling herself and her nasty long hot dog bun looking a55. She is hideous and actually thinks she’s hot and people want her, when it’s just desperate old/ugly dudes that pay her for her wrinkly a55hole and saggy a55 and boobs. She brags about all that nasty sh1t and flaunts herself , she has no self respect and has a filthy place, and permanently dirty feet . She’s the biggest poser alive, and dresses like a blind ped**phile. Her kid is just as hideous as her, and has dirty nappy hair like her. She is a dru*gy and loses weight by barely eating and dr**gs. I hope this girl gets the coronavirus and croaks. No one wants to see your nasty wrinkly saggy nudes, and ugly cheap looking tatts. You’re used up.

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