Vladimir Jovanovic & Angel Andraste Dirty Scum Bag Couple

Vladimir Jovanovic & Angel Andraste Dirty Scum Bag Couple. First of all this couple needs a fuking round of applause! Couple of the god dam year. This dirty scum bag cheats on his “girlfriend” on the daily. Tinder, Pof, CRAIGS LIST. So desperate posts D1CK pics of his micro weinie on Craig’s list for a quick fuk than goes back to Angel to play daddy to her kids. He’s such a scum bag he hasn’t had any type of relationship with his own daughter even tho he has her right in his Facebook. Angel and Vlad met each other at a shelter because there both meth addicts. Will do anything and anyone for a quick hit. Angel can’t even draw on her own eyebrows because she’s so fuking high as you can see from the pictures. I don’t know who’s fat marker she used to draw those but someone needs teach a girl how paint dem brows on. Ps that b1tch needs a referral to a dental clinic.

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