Should’ve Kept Your Mouth Shut – Cassandra Weatherall And Morgan Oldershaw

Should’ve Kept Your Mouth Shut Cassandra Weatherall And Morgan Oldershaw. WRITTEN BY E.H. – EVERYONE IN WATERLOO REGION AND GTA, I want you to meet these people who should be here. One of these girls commented on a post I submitted and made up false claims about my friend who I’m defending. Since I know from my true friend that these two were involved in all the things she told me, I think it’s time you know the truth from me and our friend N.P who is helping me write this. My friend who I’m defending has no clue that I did this. She told me not to do this but I felt that it was a long time coming. I would like you all to meet the two people behind my friend’s suffering, Cassandra Weatherall & Morgan Oldershaw. The victim told me the whole story and I think the world is entitled to know about what ACTUALLY happened. My friend met the first girl, Morgan off facebook due to her then bf having contact with my friend. My friend and Morgan started to talk because my friend and her had begun to bond over their hardships and her then bf asking my friend if she wanted to buy weed. My friend even made it clear that she was being genuine and not fake. I know my friend far better than a lot of other people she knows. Anyhow, Morgan offered to give my friend clothes but the two weren’t the same size at the time so she couldn’t take anything from her. Later on, my friend got all her clothes back from the person that stole them. Afterwards, my friend was visiting her apartment when her roommate, which I’ll get to later, told my friend to move in tonight and didn’t say a word to Morgan until the next morning. My friend told me about some of the arguments they have and how this girl did absolutely NOTHING to help my friend in a majority of situations.

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