Kayla Marie — Asking For It

Honestly this girl doesn’t give up when it comes to posting. She needs all the attention on her and will post sexy pictures while saying shes single but shes really still dating that Arthur dude. She post pictures as sexy as she can to gain money from rando’s. She’s disgusting and gross! This needs to be sad cause everyone believes her fake lies, shes not a “actual” model if she did she’d have more gigs and a sh1t ton of cash. Watch out for her boys! She will come for your money while on disability claiming she works! Plus she always bashes people for months on end when she can’t move on with her life, while staying with a dude who cheated on her multiple times makes you wonder if she does it also behind his back. Claims she isnt fat but really she is, she hardly has an a55 and she makes it seem like she does but her ass looks gross shaped.

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