Travis Wilson — The Deceptive D1ck Pic’er

So meet Travis Wilson, a guy who started a Facebook group called “The Introverted Outdoor Adventure Rangers of Kelowna”… which is supposed to be a chill group for people to meet and interact with other introverts in Kelowna, and organize hikes and hangouts during and after the isolation. However, our boy Travis has actually been using the group to his advantage, and any time an attractive woman adds herself to the group, this piece of sh1t immediately starts sending d1ck pics and incessantly pestering them to hang out and chill. Doesn’t matter if they are single, in committed relationships, engaged or married. He’s already alienated several girls from the group and broken up at least one long-term relationship. He is a walking pervert and deserves to have that big jaw rearranged.

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