Anne Kerik Pole Gagger Faith

Anne Kerik Pole Gagger Faith. This is Faith Anne Kerik. (The dirty napkin of Kelowna) If you see this nasty ditch pig around watch your man she goes after taken ones, while she is taken herself. Stanky faith is so dirty if she does the splits she sticks to the damn floor. You will know if you see her as she leaves a slimy streak everywhere and has the face to match it. That’s not how you climb the ladder, slut. She almost looks inbred, but somehow still finds her way into her co workers and her friends boyfriends pants. She’s trying to find her worth through dirty salacious ways and a few adults have discovered her game. I’ve heard of the way she talks about children and I’m shocked,terrified that a woman could say things like that about a young child. I’m putting this raunchy clap giving snake on blast so she can understand that she does not need to sabotage my friends family’s and relationships to make her feel better about herself for looking like a 3rd grade science project thats starting to grow things. For men out there that want a below average lay,she’s passed around as quickly as pizza. Maybe after a few weeks of different men this horse will settle down.Faith is the perfect delivery driver because she doesn’t require a car to do her deliveries,she’s the town bicycle.Watch out for that last name Kerik,Kelowna. blast those baby hating home wrecking leeches for all of us women out there. And please keep your men and yourself away from this one. She’s got problems too major for a councillor to be helpful at all. There are people out there you should hide your children from and faiths one of them.

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