Steve Skender Gasi — Kelowna Trash

Steve Skender Gasi Kelowna Trash. Beware of this guy! He is the biggest narcissistic, moody, controlling, jerk. In the beginning he likes to act like he is the nicest guy in the world and has all the money to buy everything and anything. He might have some money that he gets from drug dealing. While he still lives with his mom. He flaunts riches but really its all for show and fake garbage. He is not a nice guy at all. He always makes sure to throw in your face that he can get any woman he wants and will if he chooses to. Yet he is trolling tinder. Ladies please beware, this is one nasty dude who likes to control woman and will docwhatever he can to try be the alpha male and act like he’s got it all figured out. Hes a joke.

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