D’Arcy Mitchell

I don’t even know where to begin, this closet cr**k head sends her supposed fiance to prison then sells his belongings while sleeping with all of Kelowna. She is so spiteful & vindictive be careful! She sits on her phone writing horrible posts about everyone else because her fiance got let out and came home to all of this so obviously left. Shes gone as far as threatening his family & sending dirty pictures to people’s boyfriends getting mad when they turn her down so she resorts to writing bad about them & calls the ministry!! She’s already being charged for malicious phones calls to them. Who sells their family jewelry for d*pe then act like she was robbed? Guys & girls please be careful of this one. I’m not one to usually do this but when it involves her trying to ruin families & hurt innocent children I just want people to have a heads up PROCEED WITH CAUTION.

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