Jillian Quist Jones fucked Bayside Church Granite Bay Campus Senior Pastors Dog.

Jillian Quist Jones fucked Bayside Church Granite Bay Campus Senior Pastors Dog.Jillian Quist Jones Sexually Assaulted Head Pastor Curt Great Dane & Orally Copulated the K9 Dog. Video footage still being gathered as it’s believed Jillian also had Sexual Intercourse w/ the Great Dane as well. Jillian was convicted of bestiality in 2019 for fucking dogs while pregnant w/ her Son Beau Thomas. It’s now being Confirmed and signed off by Deloitte and Douche and DogDick Nation Gazette & Bridges Inc. Internal Audit and Internal Affairs Department that Jillian Quist Jones has fucked over 125+ K9 Dogs and had SEXUAL Play as in Sucking the Dogs Dick, giving the Dog HandJobs and or making and Forcing the Dog to eat JILLIAN’S rotten worthless fuck hole W/ OVER 500+ Dogs in JILLIAN’S short illustrious DogDick chomping romping humping and takin DogDick ANY AND ALLWAYS POSSIBLE…ahemmmm….BARFFFFFF….

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  1. This Addiction Counselor Jillian LeAnn Quist Jones used to be employed with Bridges Inc. on Power Inn Rd in Sacramento CA but now Jillian is at Strategies For Change aka WellSpace Health at 4441 Auburn Blvd. Sacramento CA This woman was my therapist and she threw out ithe idea of getting high and was really interested in my 2 Great Dane Dogs and that was very odd and disconcerting! I’d been seeing her as my therapist for 2 months at the time which was 3 weeks ago now and I was weirded out and got a funny feeling and I looked into her background and found out Jillian Quist Jones was convicted of bestiality in 2019 in Sacramento CA. Jillian is also a prostitute using the name Vanna Sweets and does porn videos online. Google SLURPYDOGPUSSY AND YOU WILL FIND IT ALL!! IM SHOCKED AND APPALLED THAT THIS WOMAN WAS ABLE TO OBTAIN HER THERAPIST CREDENTIALS AND BE AN ADDICTION THERAPIST WHILE ACTUALLY HERSELF BEING ADDICTED TO HAVING SEX WITH ANIMALS AND FROM ONLINE READINGS AND ACTUAL VIDEOS IT APPEARS JILLIAN OR SLURPYDOGPUSSY IS STILL PARTAKING IN SEXUAL ACTIVITIES WITH DOGS AND SMOKING CRYSTAL METH AND IS ADDICTED TO DOING PORN WITH THE EXTENSIVE LIBRARY OF HER PORN VIDEOS OF HER DOING DADDY DAUGHTER ROLE PLAY AND I WAS ABLE TO FIND BESTIALITY VIDEOS OF MISS QUIST JONES ONLINE AS WELL. Look into this woman as I’ve turned her into the State Board For Counselors and by poking around online I’ve seen she’s offended quite a few of her clients and proposition them and I’m not sure how she maintains her credentials but this is a travesty and not right at all and it looks like from online readings that she’s actually got high with several addiction clients of hers and got them out of their sobriety so be careful with this therapist Jillian in Sacramento because I sure know she didn’t have good plans for me when she started inquiring about my dogs and showing an interest in them.
    Substance Use Disorder Complaints
    If you wish to file a complaint about a licensed, certified AOD drug service provider OR a certified counselor you can do so via mail, fax, or by using the online Complaint Form. You may contact the Complaints Section via email at [email protected].

    Jillian LeAnn Quist Jones Counselor Strategies For Change aka
    WellSpace Health
    NPI 15983055184441
    Auburn Blvd Ste. E
    Sacramento, CA, 95841

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