Ashley Shayna Lee — Mind Your Own Business

This chick? Can’t seem to keep her nose and mouth out of everyone’s business. Even in situations she has no right to or even belongs. Leave my baby daddy alone and go focus on your own baby daddy and both ya’All problems.. Don’t you have something more important in your life to be focusing on right now? Like learning to sober up and getting your kids back.. maybe if you were more focused on being a better mother. And stop trying to have a partner in your life so desperately.. You wouldn’t be so worried about other people and their families. And their business. Nobody asked you. I’ve never once recalled meeting you in my life. Don’t honestly care if I do. I don’t hear anything pleasant about you. You sound like you get on everyone’s nerves. You’re getting on mine now too. My life and who I’m friends with isn’t really your business. We too grown for this hs bs. Stop posting people on here while you’re at it. You can get it too. My name should never be in your mouth again. For any reason.

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