Brad Sullivan — Woman Beating Junkie

This guy is DISGUSTINGGGGGGGGGG he beat every girl he’s ever dated for real. He lied to me about having a girlfriend and started dating me and omg that didn’t last long. He lied about shooting up pills, he is proud of being controlling and emotionally abusive, and he’s had about 30 girlfriends one after the other in our hometown because he can’t commit to one person. Not one person has a good thing to say about him unless it’s himself or the girl he’s currently abusing. He’s dirty as fuk too. He doesn’t shower and always smells like scalllops or fish bait. His dad does everything for him and so does his mom and he treats both of them like total sh1t. It’s so sad to see someone who is just so angry at the world and so entitled because they got everything handed to them. He has serious mommy issues and feels like a woman should wait on his hand and foot while he can do whatever he wants. He is clearly running out of options and I can’t wait for karma to screw this abusive piece of garbage. He’s also a rat who got away with crack and guns because his daddy paid for a good lawyer, and he told on every one involved.

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