Jessika John Dumbest Broad To Exist

Jessika John is the most embarrassing human alive. She has no life of her own. She needs others to help her survive in life and she has never made her own friend. She makes friends by forcing herself into crowds that hate her. Her friends dont even give a crap about her it’s so embarrassing but she wonders why. Its cause she has stabbed her ex bf in the shoulder with a knife and her only talent is doing Pepsi and being annoying. Her head is the size of a watermelon yet her brain is the size of a pea. Her mother shouldve had an abortion and saved the world from yet another useless crack baby to sit on their a55 and do nothing but sit on disability when her only disability is being a lazy stinky piece of trash. Oh and this is what her friend “lexi” has been saying so it’s even her own friends thinks shes trash.

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