Tiania Lucus Isaac As Dirty As They Come In Whitehorse! Dirty Scammer, Drug Addict, Stealing Peoples Money, And Fruading People In Whitehorse!

She is going around scamming guys for money, she is scamming people for money, doing pepsi, pepsi, sleeping around with multiple men! Makes guys fall in love with them, and ruthlessly takes there money and destroys them! Probably has slept with over 20 guys in the last month! She plays men for money! people need to be warned that this chick will straight up fraud and scam your money! She is a sick peace of garbage who does not care about people, a sick liar, who will pretend to love you, and get anything out of you possible! She uses men like rags! She is pure evil inside, and has no remorse for any of her victims, this chick has literally been going around whitehorse for a year now, doing this to multiple men, over , and over again! sleeping at there places, and scamming there money! it has happened to my freind! This person has to stop what there doing because its so fuking sick! If you have slept with this person get your selfchecked out rate away, this b1tch is fuking dirty as they come, this is not made up, iam dead serious. She deserves to be on the top 5 list for the dirtiest people in whitehorse! Her addictions are so bad she is in treatment, and while in treatment still going around doing drugs and scamming people, and sleeping around!

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