Ashlee Wheeler Aka Ashlee Violet Is A Fortnite Ewhore

Ashleevioletx on Instagram and Snapchat. Ashlee Violet on Facebook. She will meet guys on Fortnite. She will say every lie in the book for them to love her. Once they think they will see her in person, she will start asking for money and start the scamming. She has a pimp/guy named Colton. She will lie about being with him. She will also lie about having a kid when she was 16. Colton will tell Ashlee Wheeler what to say to these victims. They both have drug addictions with Alcohol and pepsi. Ashlee told me multiple story’s of guys about to fly out to see her but never do. She will try and take whatever money/drugs they send her. This scam is very convincing. Many victims of guys wasting a lot of time and money on her. I’m writing this to warn guys of this liar. Help save you from wasting money/time on this Ewhore. This is very wrong and not okay to say every lie in the book for a little money.

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