Tiffany Rollins/ Stephanie Mystique Homewrecker B1tch

This woman right here Nic is a floozy all over Canada. She stole money from husband and have him a DRD. Everything I am saying is true and this woman needs to be blasted. Her family needs to see this and needs to know that she is a home wreaking whore. She gave him DRDs. She is dirty and nasty her pu55y stinks so bad. She has been kicked out of several condos and rental places in Halifax because of what she does and because she runs a floozy company with underaged girls. Nic something needs to be done and this woman will not get away with this anymore. I hope I don’t see her around. And my husband said she also mentioned she had a abortion and doesn’t feel bad about it . She is a theif and a scam she is making him pay for everything . She is Lazy and doesn’t do anything and doesn’t have a real job.

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