John Ramos — Be Cautious Of Pastor John Ramos

John Ramos — Be Cautious Of Pastor John Ramos.This is Pastor John Ramos of Kingdom Culture Miniseries in Langley BC. You may have seen him grifting from church to church over the years trying to become a leader until he burns his bridges and fights with people and moves onto the next to the next to the next until he opens his own church trying to become his own leader. He got his ordainment by an online mail in one. Not by one where they vet you in person because he couldn’t find anyone to ordain him n. He can’t keep Five members more than a month because he’s judgemental and tosses people away like garbage if they are of no use to him and he only wants you around if you will pay him tithes. If you’re poor and disabled he doesn’t really care about you. He’s in his 50’s and married his 20 year old mail order bride from over seas and the girl had no idea what she was getting into. He gossips and he goes through friends in ministry like dirty socks and all the relationships always end on a bad note. He always wants to be important behind the podium and has no humility at all. He’s very greedy, arrogant and proud. So if you don’t pay lots of money to his church or stroke his ego he will ignore you or disguard you. He’s a phoney charlatan beware. If you enjoy your sermons taught by the round mound of rebound I’m sure you’ll get some cheap entertainment and when he professes to love Jesus Christ aka JC he should be looking at Jenny Craig because you’ll see this glutton spending your tithes as he gorges and gossips at the local buffets stuffing his face. He’s banned from Uncle Willys already.

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