Marissa Mac — Trashy Pig In Halifax

Marissa Mac — Trashy Pig In Halifax. Marissa is one of the grossest people I have ever met! She wears the same clothes everyday and the b1tch smells like fishy pu55y! She used to be a pretty girl but all the Crack has made her teeth brown and nasty and she’s looks like she’s 40 that’s why every picture has some kind of filter on it. Even her baby daddy has told me some crazy sh1t about her and they are still together! Don’t let this girl in your house or around anything that’s worth money because her pig face will steal it. She will find people that she can use and will take everything she can and then just leave… her and her baby daddy go around scamming people like it’s nothing… she had no heart I mean the b1tch picked drugs over her own son that alone shows what kinda cvnt this h0e is. Stay away.

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