Dave Sleezanardo — You Think You’re A Man But You’re Only A Boy!

Dave Sleezanardo — You Think You’re A Man But You’re Only A Boy!.I dated Dave casually for a few months but it all came to a quick end after I came back from Mexico for a boob job and was in quarantine for two weeks. He took the time off work to help me recover and although I value my space I thought he could at least help me with the stint and bandages. But he never manned up. He just sat on my couch eating takeout and playing video games. I was in a lot of pain at first and didn’t care but after a week I noticed that the apartment reeked of rotten food. He had just been throwing the garbage on the balcony and the fries had gotten to it. Worse was his piss jugs. He couldn’t even be bothered to get up off the couch where he had been drinking all night to use the toilet down the hall! He just sat on the couch pissing in bottles! I kicked him out and had a girlfriend come over to help clean and take care of me. It was then I found out that even though he makes good money as a crane operator he lives paycheck to paycheck. He had the audacity to ask me to pay his rent as he took time off work to take care of me! But you know what was the worst thing about Dave was? He kept trying to force me to give him blowjobs while my boobs were still bandaged and bleeding! Girls, stay away from this one. Yes, he is kinda cute when your half cut and you squint your eyes, but the warning signs were all there. What grown a55 man still has a roommate (a beautiful gay young man whom I’ll miss) in a one bedroom apartment? I guess the joke was all on me. Fuk him.

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