Katie Mac D — On The Prowl For Manmeat

Don’t stay at the double tree Hilton hotel. The one their building is going to be the same because staff are transferring to be closer to their sh1t attitude better than everyone else family, she goes through your luggage, she keeps your husband’s phone number, calls him asking if he needs cheaper rates on a room for a “girls night” i dont know how you thought you would pull it off, he told me, I contacted the hotel and they can’t disclose information, nothing happened, they don’t care if you steal, if your a floozy, if you contact people who stayed at the hotel, I thought those things were a big NO NO guess they make their own rules when it suits them, the last few years she pimped enough rooms to make them a profit. Everyone there has a blind eye when their benefiting. You wanted to play games and mess around with my boyfriend, well now I’m single, he didn’t want you as a girlfriend, surprised ? I’m not, karma is what you get wait till you get a new boyfriend, maybe ill hit him up like you did mine, I mean if he’s any decent he won’t respond, but what are the chances of you getting someone decent.

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