Renée St. Amand — DRIED UP SLOR

Renée St.Amand is a LOUD Mouthed gossip. She gossips about everyone, spreading sh1t that isn’t true. She has nothing good to say about ANYONE (which is a reflection of what she really feels about herself), sad really. She uses her sons as a meal ticket, getting money from their dad. She receives money also from the community to put her sons in hockey, etc, But somehow manages to take a trip to MEXICO EVERY YEAR, that’s why her pu55y smells like tortillas and 7 day old guac. She meets men on dating sites, she likes the young ones that are half her age, but most of them leave once they find out what she is really like. Renée has a big time alcohol/drug problem. She for sure has been fired from two establishments in Sylvan for getting hammered on the job. She drinks with her teenage sons and their friends, because she still thinks she is a teenager…Grow Up. Everything about Renée is FAKE her silicone tits, nails, and no guys the carpet does NOT match the curtains. Do not light a match around this old wrinkled up slut, there’s enough Botox to blow up the town, without ALL these procedures Renée would look like a 10 year old boy, so gross. She also has a big time Pepsi addiction. You have been warned men, she is desperately looking for a man to financially look after her, as no one wants to hire her alcohol/ drug addicted A55.

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