CarolMarie Elizabeth Davis — Hobo Needs Her Fix

This girl sits in front of TD bank everyday for as long as I can remember begging people for money saying her name is kate because she adores her ex so much she needed a name so she could be around her current boyfriend as she had him charged and wasn’t supposed to be around him. She would get her little cousin to do stuff with other guys when she was younger and says to this day she made more money selling her than she does panhandling because she is a junkie and even though she said she didn’t have a home sleeping outside.. She did infact have a place to live she’s a con artist. Don’t give her money she uses it for her and her man to get high. She lies constantly about everything claiming her exs beat her for the pitty. If you give her food she throws it into the streets. This girl will call people rats when she is the one who always talks to cops.

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