Candace Morgan Lydia Haines — Bipolar Picture Thief

Meet Candace Morgan Lydia Haines this is her real name but she goes by many fake names, also has several fake Facebook accounts under different names where she steals peoples pictures and pictures of their children claiming they are hers! She is a bipolar retard who some days doesn’t know if she’s a boy or girl, floozy or not, single or not! She thinks she is a tough bully stealing pics, making up fake charges on people, telling people to kill themselves and the list goes on! She is a psychopath and a loser! Soon as you stand up to her she waddles her 4 ft tall fat a55 away and calls the cops, she is a huge rat and storyteller! Its about time this ugly fat troll got a taste of her own medicine! As she has also posted several people on here recently, if you know this loser and were posted here recently good chance it was her! Dekkel, christine and tiffany were all recently posted by her for sure! She lies about everything under the sun, claims she has a job, a dodge ram, a car, motorcycles, horses and various other things but really she is a unemployed lazy sack of sh1t with a bus pass lives with her parents, and doesn’t own anything! Lmao avoid this mentally disturbed sped at all costs!

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