Ashtin McAuley — Low Life Scvm

Ashtin McAuley — Low Life Scvm. Ashtin prides herself of being mother of the year yet she’s lost all 5 of her kids TWICE this year alone. Plus she allows her methed out baby daddy around, in which he even sells out of her home. She’s has given birth to 5 kids, and has had a few abortions as well. She makes a living on welfare and sleeps just fine about it. She’d rather spend month on drugs then on her kids, which is why she is always online asking for free stuff for them. I lost count this year alone of how many baby daddy’s her kids have had, she also refuses to wear condoms “because they are gross”. This drugged up, diseased filled piece of sh1t is walking around like guys are begging to be with her. She even announces when a new “cuddle friend” is coming over. At this point her hole is so loose the kids just fall out. This picture she posted trying to look all hot, but seriously look at that greasy here no idea when the last time she bathed or took a shower. She is the true definition of a piece of sh1t and now she convinced the system to let her friend who is a strung out whore that goes by the name of Natalie look after the 2 youngest babies. Whom by the way were both born addicted to drugs. She also has another child who has development problems, it probably has nothing to do with the fact she drank and did drugs her whole pregnancy with him would it?

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