Neissa William’s Scummy Ogrish Navahooooo

Neissa William’s is the scum of the earth. This wierdo looking mongoloid looking bitch is a weak lol no stamina uncoordinated meth head. She just steals from good people to feed her drug addictions. She once would have been normal and tolerable however she continues to portray herself as a beauty but shes a stench ass nukkahead Meth addicted all talk beeker. Beekiest geekiest loser lady ever. Do not reproduce stupid neissa!! Gross all your kids would be distorted mutated ugly thieving bunk ass annoying voiced out stickley looking kids. Your not a gangster! You are a loser with no pride no direction nasty stinky ass ogreins bitch. Punch this bitch out she is do tall she tries to dominate men and attempts to beat up men. Lmao that’s not possible. Even on a good day you still act so fake and completely unimportant nonchalant unkind rude ignorant arrogant individual that needs to go see a psychologist. Just stay inside permanently with your gross fat face lmao

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