Nikko Korakianitis — Who Let Nikko Korakianitis Out Of His Cage?

Nikko Korakianitis Who Let Nikko Korakianitis Out Of His Cage?. I’m not sure who made the mistake of allowing this dog to run wild without a leash, but London, Ontario certainly needs to be on guard. He thinks he is cool but at 50 years old it’s embarrassing to still dress in teenage style clothes. The “grown ass man” even has his name stitched into his cap like a total loser. His ego doesn’t stop there! He spreads lies and bodily fluids faster than a west coast wildfire and you should get yourself checked if you slept with him. Ever. He likes it bare and rough with porn stars and everyone knows that’s some risky business!!!!! His favourite place to hangout is Joe Cools bar because he can try and pick up women. Poor thing is just a dad bod past his prime but somehow manipulates young women they want grandpa. Nikko is a full time player and part time burger flipper! His only job has been to serve food to others because he is a talentless man whore who doesn’t belong anywhere else but serving others. This fact he knows and that’s why he acts out towards women. He is not respect ladies so BEWARE! Nikko is rampant in London Ontario of Canada and should probably should find a new city.

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