Jeff Oldford — Whitecourts #1 Lieing Cheating Player

Jeff Oldford — Whitecourts #1 Lieing Cheating Player.

This man has no limits whatsoever he has so many girls on the go and was making dirty videos when his gf was havomg there baby he passes on drds and becausw je doesnt know how to practice safe sex and he the way he treats his women is discusting Watch out ladies this man will tear your life apart and try and fault u for the things he is doing that everyone knows isnt right this man is a social predator and will use anything he can to hurt u or anyone u know its absoluty sickening .but drugs mean more to this guy than anything. Anyone who will leak ir personal photos and secrets all over second things dont go their way just to attempt to make u look and feel worst than u already do isnt someone anyone can trust

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