John Borges Small Greg Borges

this serial cheater will do anything to get you to try to settle down with him. He needs the constant ego stroke of any woman to say they want to spend his life with. He’s even proposed to not one but two girls in the last 6 months and tried to knock up any girl he can to spread his seed and create mini Borges. Turns out he also fed the same lie to another girl in Edmonton and he continues to text me and call me asking for me back and that he made a mistake. Says her cl1t is bigger than his d1ck and he made a terrible mistake by moving back to edmonton fulltime and that the sex is terrible and his current girl is like fuking a man and that he misses the touch of a real woman. Be careful girls he will continue to cheat on you and use you to feed his ego. Don’t buy into the promises of his fake rings or his promises of building a life with you. Stop letting him pie you as he’s trying to have kids with multiple girls and get away from this loser now

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