Skylar McBride — Learpy McBride

Skylar McBride Learpy McBride.Skylar is a junkie to the extreme. He uses the fact that he’s a junkie as an excuse to be the biggest piece of sh1t to ever walk the planet. He can’t go into any store in Tucson without loss prevention being called. He’s stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from his parents. He’s crashed 6 of his dad’s cars (all stolen by him) and just leaves them around town like trash. He has no respect for his parents… He’s drained them dry… He has stolen everything from cars, money, electronics, tools… Not to mention he drained his parents back account down to nothing which caused them to lose a second house. That’s not even the worst thing he’s done. He hit his Dad in the head with a stoneware chill bowl causing him to lose his job at the railroad cause he doesn’t have how hearing. Yup that’s right this 23 year old pos junkie took his father’s hearing and did it in a bitch way… They were fighting and Skylar tapped out .. That’s then he blindsided his dad and hit him like the little bitch he is. He has been in and out of jail 17 times. All for stealing and drugs. He just did 4 months in county and came out and immediately stole his dad’s $900 phone and went and ended up at the hospital cause he had overdosed. He’s on the run from probation already and from what I hear the Marshalls are looking for him. This nasty junkie is infected with drds. He’s had them for over a year, knows he has them but won’t go to get it taken care of. He’s passed them to at least 3 different girls one of them being his baby mama. Thankfully that baby was put up for adoption cause junkies can’t raise babies. He had his baby mama and his girlfriend living at his parents house last year.. Then he had baby mama and new girlfriend living in his car after his parents house was forclosed. Stay away from this one. He’ll cause you nothing but stress and grief… He steal everything you own while swearing he didn’t and he’ll even help you look for what he stole. If he can do this to his parents imagine what he could and will do to you.

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