Jeremy Proulx — Lazy, Liying, Manipulative Gaslighting, Narcissistic

Jeremy Proulx — Lazy, Liying, Manipulative Gaslighting, Narcissistic. Started to see this guy about a year ago, super cute super sweet Frenchie. Time goes on he’s snappy, kinda shady and also somehow knew how to make everything better after he pulled his sh1t. As of now living with him I have definitely suffered physical abuse (he says I deserve it all, it’s all my fault and I have it coming to me when it happens). He has been talking to other girls, changed his password and thought I wouldn’t be able to figure anything out. Tonight I figure out he’s cheating on me so there’s another reason to get rid of him. I have taken care of this man and given him my everything; money, smoked, food, anything he needs when he needs it. He tells me he loves me but he is just using me and it breaks my heart as a loyal, loving woman who just wants the best for him. He blames me for everything and turns it all around on my. I can’t handle the stress anymore and really hope no other woman has to go through this. He will interrogate you when he’s not with you, he will beg you to come home from night out with the girls, he will put your friends and family down then eventually isolate you then it’s just a vicious cycle.

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