Christian Jordan Carlos Lying Meth Addict Theif

This loser is smoking meth again just like how he did in high school. Stealing from his job, selling his work’s product for cash, drugs or random crap chronics need . he fucked my baby mama and lied about it to my face. He cried like a b1tch and pissed his pants when i gave him fawking slaps. he steals from his family, friends, coworkers and his workplace. Someone tell this fawkin meth head go to rehab before fuks another man for meth. He fuks anything that moves and gets his d1ck sucked by guy or girl, he cant feel the difference when hes high off meth or pepsi. We at a party and I go bathroom and he get some guys finga up his a55hole knuckle deep. Meth pipe on the counta. Fawkin tramatizing.

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