Sheldene Mari Pola / West Oahus slutest Nurse

So this girl has been sleeping with my Husband for over 2 years now . She has ruined my marriage, crushed my family into pieces and my kids are the ones I really feel for. She’s had a bf from what I was told for over 3 years now. We moved here from Nebraska and to think being stationed in Hawaii was the best thing my ex hasband and I could of asked for… She has given my ex husband DRDs which I have now!!! She ruined my family and to think My Ex husband was being truthull to me and honest he was not.. Hawaii allows Adultery to Be omay which is a really a joke to these island poeple. She smokes Pot and drives a white toyata Corolla and lives in [REDACTED]. You can find her info on Google if you search her up Sheledne Mari Pola. My ex husband has come clean about this whole entire heart break situation. Let that drug using pepsi snorting little DRDs girl (trying to become a Nurse b1tch) and ex husband that this is all a blessing for me and my kids. Love Cinthia

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