Lisa A. McMillan — Fucks Your Husband And Tells You To Fuk Off

Lisa A. McMillan Fucks Your Husband And Tells You To Fuk Off. So this girl LISA A. McMillan from Cornwall you can find her on Instagram by her name tattoodblondie (basic as fuK) does nails around where I live. She’s been stalking my husband after seeing him at Starbucks a couple of times. She scouted him and gave her number. She then started a relationship. Long story short I found out and while the kids were with me she called me to tell me how he’s hers and I’m ugly and after spending so much h money on my looks I’m still the ugliest girl and he says this to her all the time especially when he’s fuking her. My kids were in the car I told her they were she wouldn’t stop and so I started to record her with the iPad after I pulled over. My kids were upset o hung up and called her back and she gave it to me that much harder. I had a breakdown went to the hospital… she got him to leave me to go to her. She threatened to leave him … he abandoned me to go to her. I know this is a two way street. They both are a55holes but I assure you she’s a mom and basically told me in front of the kids she doesn’t care about my kids im a deadbeat and so might as well let me destroy them. I have all this on recording by the way there is a photo of a friend messaging me telling me about her reputation .

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