Introducing Danielle Tait the greasiest girl in the north west of Calgary you can catch her cruising around the NW streets in her dads sh1t brown Grandprix with a pisser in her cup holder leaking swamp water on everything in close proximity. If you were to have pepsi in your passion she would suk and fuk you for a bump but be careful because that snatch stinks worse than a wet market in Wuhan china. Her brother Tyler is the nearest thing to inbred in the family usually spotted at the Black Bull racking up a tab with their rent money sniffing any white powder they can find. They have an unusually close relationship often thought that incest dwells in the air. If she isn’t with Tyler the dirt bag she’ll be walking the blade with her crusty escort best bud lauren Gaw hitting cheap 20 dollar car dates in the alley of crack macs fiending for the next rip. Danielle is such a scumbag shes known to secretly message and go after her sisters husband Chris not only him but previous boy friends in the past. if you were to unfortunately bump into her she’s known to use the bathroom not properly cleaning herself nor washing her hands which is completely disgusting no matter the location. No one could truly describe the absolute disgusting presence she carry’s with her let alone her BFF Lauren Gaw whose seen with multiple unknown small pocks looking DRD lingering her body. Both these wastes of skin share the nasty habit of not brushing their teeth creating a near quarter inch layer of plaque with the stench of a dead carcass flowing out their hover of C0CK suking mouth. Not only does the stench of her pour hygiene fallow her shes known to steal from her family closest friends and her unfortunate ex boyfriends creating an untrustworthy relationship. shell shake her stinky diaper ass for any spare change or cash you can present flaunting a fake two faced personality to swindle anything she can squeeze out of your poor judgement. moral of the story she is the most rachet lying whore piece of useless piece of meat crawling around Calgary you can literally smell the lies flowing out of that pisser smoking mouth from numerus feet away. if she continues to sniffing and smoking her life away shell be visiting her old past sniffing fent with cam six feet under.

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