Joanne Pham — The Biggest H0e In Calgary

Hey Nik I need to expose this whore. she goes out suking off every black guy out there and now she’s with this loser drug dealing rat mubarak who gets robbed by his own suppliers. this girls a big h0e that hops on every drug dealers d1ck and is willing to do whatever if they put money in her pocket. even her loser drug dealer firend had to buy her a pair of heels to get in with her. she may seem all boujee but deep at heart everyone knows she’s just another forest lawn hood rat with some loser as Pakistani drug dealer. he always goes and Braggs about her to his friends but everyone knows he had to pay to get her and she’s so easy if u buy her anything she will hop on it. she def has said. thanks for letting me expose her nik.

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