Alyssa Mullins Vize — Baby Killer Cheater Liar Drunk Abusive Trash

After 2 years of leaving her boyfriend every other week and running to the bar and other men she decided to move in with her ex husband who supposedly treated her like garbage most likely not true then when he kicked her out her idiot boyfriend took her back believing her lies and marriage proposal they got married she left him multiple times in the 3 months they were married she was 17 weeks pregnant and had an ultrasound felt baby move was even knitting a blanket but because she’s the world’s worst human being she aborted the baby to hurt her husband he still took her back only for her to leave a few more times then when he was having a breakdown from all the terrible things she did was she there for him nope she was having sex with some fat molestache wearing trash and then begged to work it out which her dumba55 husband agreed to only for a week later her to leave again come back finally change her last name and that night go sleep with molestache Machion again then some dude from a bar in a grimy motel the next day if your looking for something easy just hit up any bar in the boyertown area mostly oley tavern buy her a drink and get that loser in bed.

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