Katie Shott — A Lying Thot

Stay Away From This B1tch She Is A LEECH!!! She Uses And Uses You, For Clothes, Makeup, A Place To Stay, And Anything Else She Can Get From You! Then She Ditches You For The Next Person She Can Leech Off! She Is Evil, Manipulative, And Extremely Toxic. She Is An Escort With Clear Daddy Issues, She’s Fake, Pretends To Be Friends With Everyone! But Then Talks Badly About Them. She Sleeps With Everyone, Even Her Friends Boyfriends. Happened To Me Numerous Times. I Knew Her For Years And If I Wasn’t There She Was Trying To Get With My Man. She Is A Bum Addicted To Drugs. She Doesn’t Care About Anyone Except Herself. Stay Away From Her.

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